Simplicity - 9446

Tailored or ruffled covers with flaps that open or close for privacy slide easily over crates ranging in size from 24" X 19" x 21" to 48" X 30" X 33" and include lightly padded beds for crate floors - see envelope for complete size information. Non-skid placemat has wall to catch splashes and spills with appliques for food and water bowls. Waste bag pouch has loop to attach to leash. Treat pouch has detachable belt and rolls closed with hook and loop tape closure. Bandana-style "gotcha" scarf slides over dog collar.
Moeilijkheidsgraad Difficulty: Gemiddeld Difficulty: Gemiddeld Difficulty: Gemiddeld Difficulty: Gemiddeld
€ 9,95
  • Levertijd: 2 werkdagen
  • Artikelnummer: S9446OS
  • Taal: Engels/Spaans
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